I sell NFTs of paintings, which are now in Kiev.

If the war destroys the painting, the buyer will have its NFT. If everything goes well and the painting survives the hell of the war, I’ll send the painting to the buyer anywhere in the world.

30% of the profit will be transferred to the fund for assistance and rehabilitation of women who have experienced violence in Ukraine.

This painting has a long story. I started creating it at home in Belarus. At the end of 2021 I had to leave the country and I went to Kyiv, Ukraine where got into the war. But I was lucky to leave the city safely, and now I am in Poland.

You can find here all the emotions from the explosions of missiles and air defense in Kiev, the downed fighter jet at night near our car during the urgent evacuation, the 90 km way in 36 hours by train fully packed with women, children, pets…